"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe..."

Lao Tzu

Hello, I am Laz Lore and l compose and perform music. My musical journey began while studying Music and Art in Hungary. I have been learning and playing music since the age of 17 years. I have always been surrounded by different types of music which alongside professional tutoring has been extremely influential. I take my inspiration from variety of artists including Robert Miles, Vangelis, Ennio Morricone, Sting, Depeche Mode. Some people say my vocal sounds like David Bowie and my music reminds them of Pet Shop Boys.

My Musical Influences


In 2005 l relocated to the UK giving me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other artists.
I would describe my style as eclectically alternative, both instrumentally and vocally. My songs combine guitar, keyboard, effects and rhythmic drumming. I produced instrumentals and l also wrote original songs. l have a few cover songs from artists who obviously influence my style. You can find some of them on my Youtube Channel. I have an account with Soundcloud and Reverbnation music sites too, where l always upload my new tracks, so that you can stream or download if you like. Thank you for listening to my music.

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